Meet your team of Organisers


Meet our founder, Maria. As a member of the Institute of Professional Organisers, and a passionate NDIS advocate, Maria has worked in a variety of different settings to prepare her for any organising possibility. ​Organising is her passion, and she has worked with hundreds of people across Australia and the UK. Maria’s strength lies in improving the efficiency of clients lives and homes, by decluttering, organising, packing, and making over rooms. People can often feel overwhelmed, sometimes embarrassed and don’t know where to start, but Maria can turn their visions and dreams into reality, whether it’s a de-cluttering a room, preparing a home to be sold, or creating a beautifully labelled show-home pantry.


With an eye for detail and problem solving, Claudia brings her organising magic and sweet nature to all her jobs. She is courteous and amiable and makes all clients feel at ease in her presence. Claudia is committed to finding a solution to disorganisation and will work alongside the client until the right one is found. She understands that this is a not a one size fits all process and will go above and beyond to ensure the client is satisfied. Claudia can perfect the most show worthy of homes but at the heart of her work is providing functionality and organisation which when done right can look showstopping.


As a busy mum of 4, Heather understands how sometimes life can get ahead of you. She is fully equipped in setting up functional systems to work through the overwhelm of juggling family life, working and ultimately enjoying your free time. Stripping back a problem area and seeing it for what it needs to be allows Heather to suggest workable solutions that prevent areas from becoming a nuisance once again. Working alongside Maria and engaging in her own training has allowed Heather to tackle any cluttered area of the home, with the onus on getting the room to being functional and workable for the client. Heather understands how our environment can have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing and how creating order in regularly used areas of the home, will further impact how life runs in the rest of the home.  


Andrea is an extremely passionate and dedicated Organiser.
She will go above and beyond in every situation to achieve our clients’ goals. She is experienced organising with children, to contain their things and create systems for them to follow. She knows how to talk with children to get the best out of them, and understands kids with disabilities like ADHD and other disabilities on the Autism Spectrum.


At Organise My Life, we are incredibly lucky to have our own in-house handy person service. Mark is able to work alongside our organisers to create and assemble built for purpose storage and shelving to suit the client and home. He is incredibly experienced, and uses state of the art technology to provide ideas and inspiration for our clients.



Working as a professional organiser for many years, Amanda has the knowledge and expertise to work with any unorganised area. No job is too big for Amanda as her calm and attentive nature allows her to achieve the near impossible.



The Client Process

How it works

We keep all our projects simple and stress free for our clients whilst achieving the best results.



Reach out to us via an enquiry form, mobile, email or SMS. Tell us a little bit about what you want to achieve or how we can best meet your needs and goals.



We will work with you to find a suitable date and time to start the organising process, and send you an invoice with all the confirmed details.



Your organiser will touch base before your service starts, to request any required information or photographs, and answer any questions you may have. This ensures your session runs smoothly, and any required storage is prepared in advance.