We are Sydney's leading Pantry Makeover Specialist.

We can turn your pantry goals into reality, whether its a small, big, deep or corner pantry – we’ve done them all

Pantry Makeover

Efficient, yet beautiful

We have transformed the smallest to the largest space, on all budgets. We can help you be efficient and save money in the long run.

Unfortunately, a disorganised pantry can mean buying double ups on your grocery run, not using what you have, and just buying more because you can’t be bothered sorting through the clutter of food

We work with your current style, and let it flow into your pantry. We discuss with you style, show you examples, and discuss budget.
If required, we purchase storage from places like IKEA, Kmart, and even your local dollar shop to keep costs down. We have the experience to know what fits on shelves (taking into consideration depths and heights), and make it work with the budget you have set. We can also work with existing storage.

Pantry Makeover

Labelling is key to an efficient pantry. We will show you a variety of labels which you can choose from, which will tie in with the style and look of your pantry.

Size of pantry? No worries! We have worked with cupboard pantries, walk-ins, and at different depths and heights. We have the solution for your needs.

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The Client Process

How it works

We keep all our projects simple and stress free for our clients whilst achieving the best results.



Reach out to us via an enquiry form, mobile, email or SMS. Tell us a little bit about what you want to achieve or how we can best meet your needs and goals.



We will work with you to find a suitable date and time to start the organising process, and send you an invoice with all the confirmed details.



Your organiser will touch base before your service starts, to request any required information or photographs, and answer any questions you may have. This ensures your session runs smoothly, and any required storage is prepared in advance. 

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The Testimonials

This is all dependant on the size and scale of the job. We make sure to conduct a thorough consultation before taking your booking to prepare us both for what to expect on the day. Once we know what it is you are looking for, what areas need focussing on, then we are able to offer you a suitable time frame in which we will complete the job.

We are here to help! Whilst it is possible to tackle your clutter on your own, it is often very time consuming and can be overwhelming. That is where we come in.  It is our job to help sort through the mess and clutter together to help get you back to a sense of calm. Decluttering with a professional can alleviate some of the emotional responses you may feel when sorting through items that are no longer serving you or their purpose. We take pride in helping you find systems that can be used long after we have gone, that will help keep you on track to living an organised life.

Yes, and yes! We hate waste, so utilising what you have is great. If you don’t have storage, or want a matching pantry or linen cupboard, then we can suggest items from most major organising retailers that will fit spaces perfectly. During our consult we will ask for measurements of areas that you would like storage, so that we can make the best choice for your zone. We can then purchase them, or you can, the choice is yours.

Don’t be! We are not here to analyse or make assumptions on why you need our services, we are just happy to be able to turn an area that you are not proud of into something that functions well for you. All our consults and jobs are undertaken without judgement, our only role is to get your house functioning in a way that benefits you.

In most cases no. This is something that we can discuss during your consult, but with a clear goal in mind we are happy to complete the job for you whilst you are away. This could be because you find it overwhelming, or you are too busy, we get it! We do ask that you keep in contact us with us throughout the day, and we conduct a thorough debrief with you at the end of the service.

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